The Best Baby Books for Adoption

Tell your baby's story with "The Story of Me."

Tell your baby's adoption story with "The Story of Me."

Here at we understand every child is unique and deserves a special book to document their lives. That’s why we offer a wide selection of baby memory books to fit every family situation. When a child is adopted, there is a unique aspect to their birth story that makes it difficult to use a traditional baby record book. However, there are a number of  adoption baby books designed just to tell the story of the adopted child.

The Story of ME Adoption Baby Memory Books
The Story of ME baby book allows you to customize everything from the cover fabric to an optional embroidered name and photo window for a special first photo. The hand-sewn cover fabric choices are wonderful, but you also have the option of providing your own fabric for an even more special and more personalized touch! With The Story of ME, you get to choose from several different styles of page packs that fit neatly into The Story of Me’s three-ring binder.

The optional adoption page pack include 18 pages to tell the story of your little one’s adoption, whether it was open or closed, domestic or international. Since the baby book is a looseleaf binder, you can easily  customize this book by adding or removing pages at any time. What a great way to tell your child’s story!

This is what Jenna Devereaux from Granite Bay, CA had to say about the Story of ME baby memory book:

Love the book. I chose it because it was one of the only books I could find for adoptions. It has all the pages for all the information you’ll want to write about your baby. I love the fact that you can add blank pages, religious pages, etc. If you like to scrapbook, this book can be used in that manner. It’s a great book for anyone.”

It's the Tessera adoption page packs that make this book special!

It's the adoption page packs that make the Tessera Baby Book special!

Adoption Baby Books by Tessera Publishing
Tessera Publishing makes a wonderful adoption baby memory book as well. This album comes in 4 gorgeous cover options and features a post bound binding (screw posts that allow you to add or remove pages). The album includes pages to cover baby’s first three years and offers a huge selection of optional page packs to tailor the album to your family’s story. With the Tessera baby memory book, you can add the Domestic Adoption Page Pack (includes pages such as “Starting The Process,” “About Your Birth Mother,” and “Adoption Documentation”) or the Foreign Adoption Page Pack (includes pages such as “Your Homeland Culture,” “Travel Itineraries,” “Visiting Your Country” and more). Since you can insert just the pages you want, you can choose how much information to include about the adoption process of your baby. Hillary Carter from Ruston, LA raves:

This album was the only one I could find that was a really great option for adoptions. It is absolutely elegant and beautiful. It has pages for almost anything you can imagine.”

Record your baby's milestones with the Penny Laine adoption Baby Book.

Penny Laine Adoption Baby Books

Penny Laine Adoption Baby Albums
Penny Laine offers a selection of adoption-specific baby books in a choice of four fun fabric covers. Each book contains enough pages to record your baby’s milestones as well as all adoption information. This album also includes a special “Birth Parent’s page pack” that you choose to include in the three-ring binder style album. The Birth Parent’s page pack includes pages such “Things You Might Like to Know About Your Birth Mother,” a “Birth Family Tree” and “Things we talked about with your birth Mom.” Each cover has a photo window for a first photo and includes a color-coordinated satin ribbon.

This gorgeous adoption-specific album has many fans! For example Crystal St. Pierre from McKinney, Texas says:

Very beautiful book. I adopted my daughter so finding a good adoption book wasn’t easy. This book was what I was looking for.”

And, Peggy Streck from Brook Park, OH said:

Wonderfully specific to adopted babies, who are special in their own right! Plenty of useful pages to fill with all sorts of personal info. Very well done.”

A page from "This is Me" adoption baby book.

A page from the "This is Me" adoption baby book.

This is Me!
If you want an album that is more of a comprehensive historical record keeper,  then the This Is Me Memory Book is just for you. This 76-page book has a post binding so pages can be added or removed easily. This book is gender-neutral and is great for domestic as well as international adoptions – there are versions for adoptions that are country specific, including China, Russia, South Korea and Guatemala and more. 

“This is Me” allows you to document your child’s life all they way through age 18. The book is great especially if you are adopting an older child or a child with special needs as well! It includes a huge variety of adoption pag you might not find anywhere else, such as “Places I Lived / Foster Families,” “Health Information About my Parents,” “Why Don’t I Live with My Birth Parents,” and more.

The international adoption versions include a map of the country of adoption as well as a brief history. Andrea Young from Spring Lake, NC had this to say about the China version of the This is Me book:

My husband and I are in the process of adopting from China and I was looking for an adoption baby book.  This book is perfect!  It has a section on China and also info pages about the adoption as well as information through the years (it goes up to age 18).  The book itself can be taken apart to add or remove pages.  I’m looking forward to filling it out!”

Baby Baby - A Memory Book

Baby Baby - A Memory Book

Baby Baby – A Memory Book
On the other end of the spectrum is a baby book that doesn’t specifically address the adoption situation, but is designed to eliminate pages that are typically unique to a birth family. So, the Baby Baby  – A Memory Book album looks more like a traditional baby book, but is written in such a way that it works wonderfully for adopted children as well.

Its gender-neutral palate and retro-sixties motifs make it classic and hip all at the same time. It can be personalized with baby’s name and date of birth. The pages are lovely and the verbiage is extremely flexible which makes it an appropriate book for all kinds of families!

For instance, gone are pages detailing pregnancy and references to the hospital. Instead, the album starts with a page titled “First Glimpse” which reads “We found out you were coming on ____” and continues with space for a photograph for an adoption photo. Instead of a “Visitors to the Hospital Page,” there is a page titled “Who Visited You” which works perfectly for any celebration welcoming the adopted baby to the family.

So, this album is absolutely perfect if you do not want to detail the specifics of the adoption, but still want to have a baby book that can be filled out completely without awkward blank pages. The “Baby Baby” Memory Book helps you record childhood memories up to Kindergarten.

Of course, each book is acid-free, archival quality and is appropriate for adoption. And all are ready to be made into a cherished keepsake with those special memories written by a loving parent. You can view the complete selection of adoption baby memory books here.


  1. When I saw the Tessera books, I fell in love with them. I love how it gives you the option to add single mother pages. That’s something I’ve been looking for, and for such a long time too! They are a little pricey, but once they go on sale, be sure to let me know!

  2. I am adopting my nephew and have been tryin to find a baby memory book and I’ve looked everywhere. Then I found this site and I’m tickeled pink that I can start his About me book!!!

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