Filling Out Your Baby Book: What Happened in Baby’s World 2006 (Part 1)

So, almost every baby book has a page in it where you can record what was going on in the world when baby was born. The only problem is… after nine months of pregnancy, most Moms haven’t got a clue what was going on outside of our own uterus.  Bestselling books? Who knows? We were reading “What to Strike Fear Into Your Heart When You Are Expecting: 1001 Things Than Can Go Wrong in Pregnancy.” Famous Bands? Hmmm… we were busy transmitting classical music through our belly so baby’s brain would form super neuro-paths! Fashion trends? Please! It was loose and comfortable, ok?

So, now you’ve come to that page in your baby book and are faced with the daunting task of digging up these facts and figures… so baby doesn’t think you were totally clueless.

But you’ve come to the right place! BabySakes has assembled all of the key “What’s Happening in the World” information so baby will think you were a news junkie and information goddess.

Just take what you need from the info below and add it to your book:

World Leaders:
President George Bush – USA
Prime Minister Tony Blair – UK
President Hu Jintao – China
President Abdul Kalam – India
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi – Japan
Dictator Kim Jong-il – North Korea
Prime Minister John Howard – Austrailia
President Jacques Chirac – France
President Horst Kohler – Germany
President Vladimir Putin – Russia

2006 News Headlines:
War in Iraq: US drive to top Saddam Hussein deteriorates into sectarian violence (hopefully, that’s wrapped up by the time baby is old enough to read.)
U.S. Election: Nancy Pelosi becomes first female Speaker of the House
Global Warming: World concern grows highlighted by the release of the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”
Pluto No Longer a Planet: We grew up with 9 planets in the solar system … our babies now have 8.
Housing Boom: 2006 starts off with Housing Boom – housing prices decline late 2006/ early 2007

Top 10 Selling Music Albums of 2006
1. High School Musical Soundtrack – 3,719,071
2. Rascal Flatts – Me and My Gang - 3,479,994
3. Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts – 3,015,950
4. Nickelback – All the Right Reasons – 2,688,166
5. Justin Timberlake – FutureSex – 2,377,127
6. James Blunt – Back to Bedlam – 2,137,142
7. Beyonce – B’Day – 2,010,311
8. Soundtrack – Hannah Montana – 1,987,681
9. Dixie Chicks – Taking the Long Way – 1,856,284
10. Hinder – Extreme Behavior – 1,817,350

Top 10 Grossing Movies:
1. Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest
2. The DaVinci Code
3. Ice Age: The Meltdown
4. Casino Royale
5. Night at the Museum
6. Cars
7. X-Men: The Last Stand
8. Mission Impossible III
9. Superman Returns
10. Happy Feet

Top 10 Books of 2006 (
1. For One More Day by Mitch Albom
2. Beach Road by James Patterson & Peter de Jonge
3. Cell by Stephen King
4. The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
5. Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich
6. Marley & Me by John Grogan
7. The Innocent Man by John Grisham
8, You: On A Diet by Michael F. Roizen
9. State of Denial by Bob Woodward
10. Freakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner

Top Actors and Actresses (Higest Paid of 2006)
1. Nicole Kidman
Reese Witherspoon
Renee Zellweger
Drew Barrymore
Cameron Diaz
Halle Berry
Charlize Theron
Angelina Jolie
Kirsten Dunst
Jennifer Aniston

1. Tom Cruise
Denzel Washington
Johnny Depp
Tom Hanks
Adam Sandler
Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Brad Pitt
8. Will Smith
9. Kiefer Sutherland
10. Jim Carrey

Popular Sports Figures: (in no particular order)
• Andre Agassi
• Lance Armstrong
• David Beckham
• Kobe Bryant
• Lindsay Davenport
• Oscar De La Hoya
• Jeff Gordon
• Matt Hasselbeck
• LeBron James
• Derek Jeter


Coming next? What things cost in baby’s world — what you need to finish the page. If you have more you’d like to add to the list… just comment below.


  1. This is great information. Do you have it for other years as well? I love this book so much I’m going back and redoing my 3 year old’s book. She was born in 2004. I’m having trouble digging up/recalling a lot of this info.

    • Gwen Bunnell says:

      Thanks for the great information. I am trying to update my grand kids baby books. Do you have information of what things cost in 2006/Part 2?

  2. Tracy - Ohio says:

    Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!! I have been trying to complete my daughter’s baby book, and kept getting stuck on this page of the book!
    Your list is great!

  3. I’m waiting for the cost info! When will it be on here?

  4. It would be nice to have this info updated. Thanks

  5. Thanks! The info was very helpful. The cost info would be very helpful.

  6. This is great info. It would be nice to also include Hit Television shows and Fashion Trends. Also, I recorded the following costs in my son’s 2006 baby book: Gallon of milk, $3.75; Gallon of Gasoline, $2.75; Postage stamp, $.39.

  7. Love the information! I have been looking for information for years 2002, 2004. Really like the cost of items during that year! Thank you for the fast resource!

  8. Thank u so much! My son is almost 2 and has almost his whole book full except this one page. Now his book is nearly complete thank u so much. My book calls for fashion trends and a price column. Fantastic info!

  9. Thank you so much, American living in Norway, I’m filling out my son’s American baby book and have been stuck on this page for a while. Still need the cost of stuff back in Jan 2006.

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